Message from President

I would like to thank you for your continued support to the activities of the Japan-Belgium Society. I would also like to thank you for visiting our website.

The relationship between Japan and Belgium has a long history, with the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2016, a year in which commemorative celebrations were organized in both countries, with His Majesty the Emperor of Japan and His Majesty King of the Belgians, respectively acting as Honorary President in Japan and in Belgium. This showed us how strongly the friendship between our two nations has been tied all these years.

The Japan-Belgium Society was established to promote amicable relations between Japan, Belgium and the EU countries with its focus on cultural exchanges as well as help contribute to the trade and business. In 2019, the Society celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since its establishment, it has continued to contribute to international relations at a civic level, through cultural, historical and economic activities, friendly interactions with the Belgium Embassy, various activities among members and in cooperation with organizations and companies closely linked to both countries.

In a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented, the friendship between Japan and Belgium, which has been built based on people’s grassroots activities like ours, is an invaluable asset. I believe this is exactly the practice of Belgian motto: “Eendracht maakt macht, L’Union fait la force, Strength lies in unity”.

As a unique form of public diplomacy, the activities of the Japan-Belgium Society will continue to connect the hearts and minds of all members.
Please feel free to open our door. You will find yourself with a new friendship opportunity.

The Japan-Belgium Society

Message from Ambassador

Dear friends of Japan and Belgium,

As the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Japan, I am very grateful and proud to be the honorary president of such a prestigious and positive association that is the Japan-Belgium Society.

As it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, the Japan-Belgium Society has turned to be a wonderful and solid network of Japan – Belgium lovers, actors who have worked or lived both sides and contribute to mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries. It now counts about 70 corporate members and 233 individual members.

The Objectives of the society are to promote the friendly relations among the people of Japan, Belgium and the other EU countries through personal contacts and exchanges as well as to help contribute to the increase of trade and business between Japan, Belgium and the EU.

People to people contacts and exchanges are the key to mutual understanding and this, in turn, can improve the prosperity and well-being of the communities concerned. Throughout the years, when looking at the activities organized by the Japan-Belgium Society, we realize that it is true to its word: whether it is in the historical, economic, cultural and gastronomic area, many encounters have allowed its members to pursue their better understanding and knowledge of the other, always in a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Since my arrival in Tokyo in August 2019, I have had the immense pleasure of participating in some of their activities and have appreciated this dedication to the friendly relations between our two countries.

As this new webpage is intended to further make this activities known among members and potential future ones, I would like to wish the Japan-Belgium society and its members plenty of success, good health and happiness.

Roxane de Bilderling
Ambassador of Belgium