About JBS

About JBS

The Japan-Belgium Society is a membership organization to promote Belgo-Japanese relations. It was founded in 1969 with its origins from “Société Belgo-Japonaise” at two different times (*1) (*2). In 2019, the Society celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Since its foundation, it has been working to expand the circle of international exchanges by organizing activities at citizen level, with the aim of deepening cultural exchanges between Japan and Belgium as well as the EU member states, and contributing to mutual friendship and economic development.

(*1) The first Society (白耳義会) was founded probably between 1906 and 1910. Its activities can be traced back in 1910 with its President name, Baron Kohei SHUFU, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
(*2) The second Society (白耳義協会) was active mainly from 1919 to 1939. The first President was Marquis Naohiro NABESHIMA

1.To hold the Annual General Meeting in the presence H.I.H. Prince HITACHI, the Honorary Patron, and H.I.H. Princess HITACHI
2.To Organize various activities on our own or in collaboration with the Belgian Embassy, organizations and people closely connected to Belgium
〈Events in the past〉

  • ・Visit to the Belgian Embassy Villa hosted by the Ambassador over tea and home-made pastry (Chuzenji, Nikko)
  • ・Outing to sister cities (Kanazawa-city, Himeji-city, etc.)
  • ・Visit to art expositions and Kabuki Theater
  • ・Online events
  • 3.To provide information through the annual bulletin, newsletter, email and website

    NUMBER OF MEMBERS (as of 30 April 2024)
    195 individual members / 63 corporate members